Forfølgelse af kristne i Iran


Mission Network News, "Open Doors Reports Explosive Church Growth in Iran" (March 16, 2012)
For 40 år siden var der omkring 200 kristne med muslimsk baggrund i Iran, i dag skønnes tallet at være 370.000 konvertitter. Desden er der i de traditionelle armenske og assyriske kirker omkring 80.000 medlemmer. "These Christians face daily harassment for their faith. The government's abhorrence of house churches has caused house churches to cut membership down from around 15 members to more like 5 or 6. Open Doors staff say that in the last several months, the Iranian government has prohibited several churches from offering services in Farsi on Fridays, the official day off in the country. The Iranian government also forbids the selling of Bibles or New Testaments."

Iranian Government Cracks Down on Christian Minority (July 20, 2011)
"A few weeks ago, the Iranian Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of evangelical priest, Yousef Nadarkhani, for the crime of apostasy. According to Iranian rights groups, his will be the first death for such a crime in decades. This sentence, which caused dismay and concern in the international community, sheds light on Tehran’s oppressive policies against its own religious minorities. The Christian minority has come under intense pressure in the last several years, with a wave of random arrests, imprisonments and increasingly anti-Christian rhetoric".

Farsi Christian News Network, Summary Report on the Repression and the Persecution of ChristianIranians in 2010
"Prejudiced discrimination continued to be a major social problem for the vastly increasing number of Christians in our beleaguered country. Even though the Islamic Republic’s Constitution recognizes Christianity as one of the country’s major religions; in actual fact it is only applied to Armenians and Assyrians living in the country. The fact that huge numbers of Christian converts now constitute the majority of believers in the land is completely overlooked and ignored. Convert Teachers and Lecturers, or anyone else for that matter, are routinely sacked. Anyone admitting to Christianity is immediately dismissed from his/her position without any hope of indemnity, redress, or compensation. New converts are routinely banned from higher education, and government employment is one hundred percent reserved for Muslims. This discriminatory system is even extended to the inheritance laws and is applied with a vigor against Christians as well all other non-Muslims. ... Newly converted Christians are entirely ignored as the powers to be in the Islamic Republic claim the recognition in the constitution of the regime is applicable to Armenians and Assyrian minorities only, as conversion from Islam to any other is unacceptable and can only be dealt with by death; no other considerations can be entertained."


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