Religious Buildings in the Public Space
Religiøse bygninger i det offentlige rum

Online litterature

Allievi, Stefano, "Conflicts over Mosques in Europe. Policy Issues and Trends" (London: NEF Initiative on Religion and Democracy in Europe, 2009)
In his conclusion Allievi states that the conflicts about Islam reflects the profound changes taking place not only in but also of society. "The problem of islam ... is actually a problem of plurality and of pluralization as a process, which will have an impact on the very concept of the nation-state and its relationship with one ore more religions present withinits borders." This pluralization "has now reached a level that will produce a qualitative as well as quantitative change". Download report. (See also his paper on "Muliculturalism in Euroep". Download.)

Baumann, Martin, "Temples, Cupolas, Minarets: Public Space as a Contested Terrain in Contemporary Switzerland" (2009)
Article in Religio 2009 XVIII s. 141-153. "The paper explortes the metaphoricasl use of pulic space and its conceptualisation as an analytical tool: current debates of the building of minarets illustrate processes of exclusion and inclusion of immigrant *foreign" religion to Swiss pubnlic space". Download.

Gale, Richard, "The Multicultural City and the Politics of Religious Architecture: Urban Planning, Mosqes and Meaning-making in Birmingham, UK".
"A corollary of the development of Muslim communities in Britain has been a steady growth in the quantitative and aesthetic presence of mosques within British urban landscapes. Applications to develop these buildings have frequently given rise toforms ofaesthetic contestation that are embedded in processes of identity construction amongst non-Muslims. However, only cursory reference has been made in academic studies to the role played by urban planning in framing this contestation. Taking three mosque proposals in Birmingham as case studies, this paper assessesthe extent to which urban planning processes condense and mediate the relations between social groups. In addition, the paper explores the changing emphases of the City Council’s planning policies relating to places of worship, as these have shifted from restriction to multicultural ‘celebration’" Read more.

Kong, Lily, "The Sacred and the Secular: Exploring Contemporary Meanbings and Values for Religious Buildings in Singapore" (1992)
Published in Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science (1992) Vol. 20, No. 1, 18-42. Download.

Pedersen, Birthe B., "Minaret-debat er billede på vestlig identitetskrise" (Kristeligt Dagblad 15. dec. 2009)
Debatten om minareter og kors er en debat om religionens plads i det offentlige rum og om forholdet mellem sekularisering og tro. Read more.



Special Themes - Særlige temaer

Debatten om minareter i Europa
Udgangspunktet er debatten og afstemningen i Scweiz, en debat, som nu også føres i en række andre lande. Read more.

Christian Religious Buildings in Turkey
According to the constitution Turkey has freedom of religion, and acc. to the building code from 2003 it is in principle now possible for Christians to build churches. Still, however, it is if not impossible, so very difficult for Christians to build churches in Turkey. Read more.



Studiedag om "Religiøse bygninger i det offentlige rum" 29. oktober 2010 i København.
Studiedag om "Religiøse bygninger i det offentlige rum - formål, funktion, kriterier og symbolsk betydning" arrangeret af Kristent Muslimsk Samtaleforum. Read more.



Institute for Studies in Sacred Architecture
The purpose of the Institute for Studies in Sacred Architecture (ISSA), which is located in Phoenix, US, is to promote the scholarly study of sacred architecture in an interdisciplinary, ecumenical, and interfaith forum. Read more.

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