Pastorale udfordringer i religionsmødet



Interreligiøs respons på kriser

Leirvik, Oddbjørn. 2014. Interreligious Studies: A Relational Approach to Religious Activism and the Study of Religion. London: Bloomsbury.
"The notion of Interreligious Studies signals a new academic perspective on the study of religion, characterized by a relational approach. Interreligious Studies defines the essential features of interreligious studies compared with alternative conceptions of religious studies and theology. The book discusses pressing and salient challenges in interreligious relations, including interreligious dialogue in practice and theory, interfaith dialogue and secularity, confrontational identity politics, faith-based diplomacy, the question of interfaith learning in school, and interreligious responses to extremism. Interreligious Studies is a cutting-edge study from one of the most important voices in Europe in the field, Oddbjørn Leirvik, and includes case study material from his native Norway including interreligious responses to the bomb attack in Norway on 22nd July 2011, as well as examples from a number of other national and global contexts."

Moyaert, Mariann & Joris Geldhof, Ritual Participation and Interreligious Dialogue.

Musk, Bill, "Kristne og muslimer er fra samme planet"., den 4. april 2007.

Pratt, Douglas, Parameter for Interreligious Prayer. World Coundil of Churches.

Sterchele, Davide, "The Limits of Inter-religious Dialogue and the Form of Football Rituals: The Case of Bosnia-Herzegovna" Social Compass June 2007. 54:211-224
The difficulties with interfaith dialogue are linked, at least in part, to the lack of ritual forms (consisting of rules, ceremonial idioms, liturgy, and repertoires of action) designed to unite and integrate the "meta-group "formed by the various religious communities. By means of ethnographic research conducted in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the author studied the mechanisms with which, under particular conditions, some forms of collective ritual were able to create opportunities for the re-integration of the Bosnian population, which had been profoundly divided after the terrible war of 1992–95. Comparing the forms of religious rituals and those of sports rituals–in particular, of football rituals–the author develops some considerations that can be applied to the general debate about inter-religious dialogue. The comparison brings to light some of the limits and difficulties that religious institutions encounter in giving life to an interfaith dialogue that directly and concretely involves the members of different communities.

Svenska Kyrkan, De kyrkliga handlingarna i en mångreligiøs kontext (2012)

Den Norske Kirke, Religionsmøötet vet kirkelige handlinger. En vejledning fra bispemødet. 2016

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