Interreligiøse ægteskaberMixed blessings

Tværreligiøse ægteskaber, ægteskaber mellem to mennesker, som tilhører hver sin religion, bliver mere udbredt i multireligiøse samfund og i en globaliseret verden, hvor mennesker mødes og forelsker sig på tværs af religiøse grænser. Nogle religiøse traditioner forbyder direkte tværreligiøse ægteskaber, eller ægteskab mellem bestemte religiøse grupper, andre religiøse traditioner anbefaler ægteskab inden for religionen, mens ande religiøse traditioner igen forholder sig neutralt til tværreligiøse ægteskaber. Undertiden er der en nær forbindelse mellem tværreligiøse ægteskaber, således at den ene partner konverterer til den andens religion. Under alle omstændigheder er tværreligiøse ægteskaber forbunbdet med en lang række praktiske udfordringer og etiske problemstillinger.

Online Guidelines og resourcer

Christian Muslim Forum, When Two Faiths Meet. Marriage, Family and Pastoral Care. Ethical Principles (2012).
On November 26, 2012,the Christian Muslim Forum launched this document, which contains ethical principles for ministers, imams and other faith leaders. The background was the rising number of interfaith marriages, in particular between Muslims and Christians, in the UK. The aim was to provide a helpful resource in enabling religious leaders to support mixed-faith couples. Download.

Church of England, Guidelines for the Celebration of Inter Faith Marriages in Church (2004)
"In an increasing number of situations, clergy in the Church of England are being approached by couples seeking marriage, one of whom is an adherent of a faith other than Christianity. The following guidelines are designed to set out briefly some of the theological, pastoral, liturgical and legal issues which may need to be addressed, particularly where a wedding service is being planned to take place in a Church of England church." Download.

Lamb, Christopher, "Marriages between Christians and Muslims Pastoral Guidelines for Christians and Churches in Europe" (Conference of European Churches, 1997)
In 1998, the Islam in Europe Committee of the Conference of European Churches published pastoral guidelines on Christian-Muslim marriages: Marriages between Christians and Muslims: Pastoral Guidelines for Christians and Churches in Europe (edited by Christopher Lamb). Download.

The Inter-faith Marriage Network, Resource pack
"This resource pack is for you if: You are in a relationship with someone of a different faith - You want to know whether it can work - You are looking for information and support". Download.



Muslim/Christian Marriage Support Group
"We are a network of people involved in or closely affected by Muslim/Christian marriage. We have a variety of backgrounds and affiliations across both faith traditions. We are united by our experience of living with both faiths at the heart of our love and our lives and by our desire to explore, value, celebrate and share this experience.   Download.

The Inter-faith Marriage Network
A network organised by people in mixed marriages themselves ready to help and counsel others. Download.


Online Litteratur

Abbass, Rudabah, "Hallal interfaith unions rise among UK women" (Al Jazeera, 2012)
In this artikle the author writes that "Most religious scholars agree that Islam permits Muslim men to marry "women of the book" ... Muslim women, on the other hand, are forbidden to marry a non-Muslim unless her partner converts to Islam, say purists. Some men nominally convert to Islam in order to appease their partner's family. Imam Taj Hargey of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford is an exception. He has conducted marriage services for Muslim women without their Christian or Jewish partners converting. Most Muslims find this notion unacceptable, claiming it is tantamount to living in sin.Imam Hargey's stance may be controversial, but he argues: 'There is no verse in the Holy Quran that bans Muslim women from marrying non-Muslim men.'" Download., "Tværreligiøse ægteskaber" - artikelsamling

Riley, Naomi Schaefer, "Interfaith marriages are rising fast, but they're failing fast too" (Washington Post, June 6, 2010)
"According to the General Social Survey, 15 percent of U.S. households were mixed-faith in 1988. That number rose to 25 percent by 2006, and the increase shows no signs of slowing. The American Religious Identification Survey of 2001reported that 27 percent of Jews, 23 percent of Catholics, 39 percent of Buddhists, 18 percent of Baptists, 21 percent of Muslims and 12 percent of Mormons were then married to a spouse with a different religious identification. ... In some ways, more interfaith marriage is good for civic life. Such unions bring extended families from diverse backgrounds into close contact. There is nothing like marriage between different groups to make society more integrated and more tolerant. ... But the effects on the marriages themselves can be tragic ... According to calculations based on the American Religious Identification Survey of 2001, people who had been in mixed-religion marriages were three times more likely to be divorced or separated than those who were in same-religion marriages." Download.

Riley, Naomi Schaefer, "Two-faith Weddings. An All-American Trend" (New York Post, December 24, 2012)
"Some 45 percent of marriages in the past decade were interfaith. The 2001 American Religious Identification Survey found that 27 percent of Jews, 23 percent of Catholics, 39 percent of Buddhists, 18 percent of Baptists, 21 percent of Muslims and 12 percent of Mormons were married to a spouse with a different religious identification. Download.

Riley, Naomi Schaefer, "When Muslims intermarry, do they keep the faith?" (Wahsington Post, April 12, 2013)
Naomi Schaefer Riley is the author of “ ’Til Faith Do Us Part: How Interfaith Marriage Is Transforming America.” "When it comes to intermarriage, Muslims are becoming the new Jews. About a century ago, when hundreds of thousands of Jews were immigrating to the United States, only about 1 percent, by some estimates, married non-Jews. Now, about 30 percent of Jews are married to someone outside the faith. American Muslims are going through a similar transition, one that could profoundly change the Muslim experience in the United States." Download.


Offline Litteratur

Christian-Muslim Marriages (CSIC Selly Oak Colleges, Research Papers, Muslims in Europe, 20, 1983)

C. Lamb, 'Mixed-Faith Marriage: A Case for Care' in R. Hooker & C. Lamb: Love the Stranger (SPCK, 1986)

S. Poulter: Asian Traditions and English Law. A Handbook (The Runnymede Trust with Trentham Books, 1990)
Church and State (Chadwick Report) 1970 (GS 19)
An Honourable Estate, 1988 (GS 801)

Marriage: A teaching Document from the House of Bishops of the Church of England CHP 1999
Services of Prayer and Dedication after Civil Marriage, 1985 Report of Proceedings xix, 1 (February 1988)

Bishops Conference of England and Wales: Directory Concerning Mixed Marriages, CTS, nd The Roman Catholic Code of Canon Law, 1983 (Canons 1086, 1125-9)

Multi-faith worship: Questions and suggestions from the Inter faith Consultative Group CHP GS 1011

Reflections on Interreligious Marriage: a joint study document was issued jointly by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Rome and the Office on Inter-Religious Relations of the World Council of Churches, Geneva in April 1997.

Marriages between Christians and Muslims: Pastoral Guidelines for Christians and Churches in Europe has been jointly prepared by the Islam in Europe Committee of the Conference of European Churches and the Council of European (Catholic) Episcopal Conferences. An English version, edited by Christopher Lamb, has been published by the Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland (1998).

Naomi Schaefer Riley, Til Faith Do Us Part: How Interfaith Marriage Is Transforming America (Oxford University Press, 2013)

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