Off. Teologi - Public Theology

"Public theology is the Christian engagement and dialogue within the church and especially with the larger society. It seeks the welfare of the state and a fair society for all by engaging issues of common interest to build the common good. This is Christiantheology that talks with society not just to society. This is done by presenting the Christian position in a way that can be publicly understood and thereby open to public debate and critical enquiry." (Wikipedia)

Offline artikler og bøger om offentligehdsteologi / Offline articles and books on public theology

Kim, Sebastian & Day, Katie. A Companion to Public Theology. Brill's Companions to Modern Theology. 1. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill. 2017

Kim, Sebastian, Theology in the Public Sphere.London: CMS-Press, 2011.

LWF, The Church in the Public Space. (2016). Download.

Online artikler om offfentlighedsteologi / Oline articles on Public Theology

Bedford-Strom, Heinrich, "Öffentliche Theologie is Theologie der Hoffnung" (2012)

Bedford-Strom, Heinrich, "Public Theology and the Economy in a Globalizing World". Download.

Bedford-Strom, Heinrich,, "Vom Reden und Schweigen der Kirche" (2016). Download.

Dejonge, Michael, "Martin Luther, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Public Theologies" 2016. Download.

Plender, Amy, "Public Theology Needs to Get a Life". Theos website. 2017. Download.

Spencer, Nick, "What is Public Theology". Theos Website, 2011. Download.

Van Arde, Andries, "What Is 'Theology" i 'Public Theology', and What Is 'Public' about 'Public Theology'?" (2008). Download.

Wen, Ge, The Deep Coinherence. A Chinese Appreciation of N. F. S. Grundtvigs Public Theology". Ph D-Thesis, Faculty of Theology, Unicersity of Aarhus, 2013.Download

Online Journal of Public Theology. Download.

Kristendommen er født som en offentlig religion. Interview med studiechef fra den britiske tænketank Theos, Nick Spencer, der for nylig gæstede København på konference om offentlighedsteologi på Grundtvig-akadamiet på Vartov i København. DR P1, 20. december 2010. Download.


Artikler om forholdet mellem mission og offentlighedsteologi - Articles about mission and public theology

Kim, Sebastian, "Mission's public engagement:The Conversation of Mission and Public Theology". Missiology: An International Review 2017. Download.

Fensham, Charles J., "The Conversation between public theology and missiology: A respos to Sebastia Kim" (2017) Access here.

Van Wyngaard, George Jacobus  "David Bosch as Public Theologian" Download.

Van Wyngaard, George Jacobus"The Public Role of the Christian Community in the Work of David Bosch". InMissionalia 31(1):151-167  (2011). Download.

 The Public Theology of David Bosch: The Public Role fo fthe Christian Community" (2008). Download.


Artikler af Mogens S. Mogensen - Articles by Mogens S. Mogensen

"Offentlighedsteologi og religionens plads i det offentlige rum". Blogindlæg, 2018. Download.  

"Tegningekrisen i offentlighedsteologisk perspektiv".Blogindlæg, 2018. Download.


Public Theology - Centres and Think Tanks

The Globald Network for Public Theology.
!The Global Network for Public Theology (GNPT) is an academic research partnership that promotes theological contributions on public issues, especially those issues affecting the poor, the marginalized and the environment in a glocal (global-local) context. The GNPT brings together designated research centers and research programmes in nearly thirty Higher Education Institutions around the world. All pursue interdisciplinary research on theology and public issues. It was founded in 2007 by a group of research institutions that had already established links. The network aims to foster collaboration among these academic partners and to publicize their research work." Download.

Beyers Naudé Centre for Public Theology, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
Contact Anlené Taljaard,

Centre for Public Theology, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Contact Etienne de Villiers,

Institute for Public Theology & Development Studies, University of Mkar, Nigeria
Contact Godwin Akper,

 Centre for Faiths and Public Policy, University of Chester, UK
Contact Chris Baker,

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Research Centre for Public Theology, University of Bamberg, Germany
Contact Heinrich Bedford-Strohm,

Public and Contextual Theology Strategic Research Centre, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Contact James Haire,

Manchester Centre for Public Theology, University of Manchester, UKContact Elaine Graham,

Theos Thinktank. Theos researches and investigates the intersection of religion, politics and society in the contemporary world.


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