Porvoo-consultation in Edinburgh, Scotland on Christian-Muslim Relations, December 1-4, 2008

The consultation was hosted by the Scottisch Episcopal Church and from each of the Porvoo-countries one Christian and one Muslim had been invited. The reasoning behgind the decision to invite both Christians and Muslims "sas because the Consultation will be an opportunity, in part for the Porvoo Churches to discuss their responses to A Common Word and to share their responses with their Muslim neighbours. It is also an important opportunity to compare notes on our local experience of Christian-Muslim relations and to reflect on it and on governmenty policy in our respective countries.... Therefor, the consultation is to talk with people from another faith not about them."

See s short report in Danish, "Rapport fra Porvoo Communion Inter-faith Consultation, The Point Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1-4 December 2008". Download .
See photo-series from the consultation. Download.


BLOG-POST- M. S. Mogensen - in Danish

December 1: Dialg med forbehold.



Guidelines for Interfaith Encounter in the Churches of the Porvoo Communion
Adopted in Oslo December 2003. Read more.



See vide domumentary, "The Imam and the Pastor", about a Muslim and a Christian who were militant opponents and became coworkers for peace and reconciliation. See video.



Guiding Principles for Interreligious Relations
Adopted by Church of Norway Council on Ecumenicl Relations February 11, 2008. Read more.

When Believers Meet. A Study Guide on Interreligious Dialogue
Prepared bt the Theological Commission, Church of Norway Council on Ecumenical and INternational Relations, September 2007. Read more.



Interfaith Climate Summit - In English - The Uppsala Interfaith Climate Manifesto
Read more.



Theses on the Recognition of People of Different Religions in a Multi-religious Society
Adopted by the Danish Mission Council on April 18, 2007. Read more.

Report on Freedom of Expression - Christian-Muslim Working Group - October 2008
Presented and accepted by the third Leadership Conference for Christian and Muslim Leaders. Read more.

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