Missionale praksisser

"Christian Practices are patterns of communal action that create openings in our lives where the grace, mercy, and presence of God may be made known to us. They are places where the power of God is experienced. In the end, these are not ultimately our practices but forms of participation in the practice of God."
Craig Dykstra


Online artikler

Roberto, John, "Strategies for Faith Formation in Christian Practices"

Roxburgh, Alan, "Practices of Missional People". Journal of Missional Practice. Autumn 2013

"What Are the Christian Practices"

Cafe4Practices, "Christian Practices"
"Christian Practices are things that the Christian faith community does together, repeatedly, over time, in the church and in public living, at home, in the household and in work and leisure settings - things that are passed from one generation to the next; things ancient and modern, things and actions which hold deep meaning and which help the community to make sense of its experiences and traditions - which when taken together form a whole way of life."



Journal of Missional Pradtice
Et digitalt tidsskrift udgavet af The Missional Network og bl.a. med Alan Roxburgh som redaktør.
Journal of Missional Practice is a joint venture of FORMISSION and TMN. FORMISSION is a missional training hub created to equip Christian leaders to transform their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We offer accredited and practical training through our innovative BA and MA courses. Our networking events draw together the most inspiring leaders of this generation. We believe an understanding of Missio Dei is essential to revive the church. Working with leaders of missional excellence around the world, we strive to learn and develop the most impactful ways to do mission in the 21st century. TMN (The Missional Network) is a people of hope-in-action learning to participate with what God is doing in the local.  TMN cultivates safe spaces, robust resources and processes to re-orient our Christian communities for the sake of the Gospel and the transformation of God’s world".



Practicing Our Faith
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