Lutherske perspektiver på missional krke


Online litteratur

Hegstad, Harald, "Misjonerende folkekirke - selvmotsigelse eller mulighet?" (2005)
I denne artikkelen argumenterer Harald Hegstad overbevisende for at misjonsperspektivet ikke er noe som først gjelder utenfor folkekirken eller etter folkekirken, men nettopp i folkekirken. En dynamisk kirkeforståelse gjør det mulig både å bekrefte og utfordre. Artikel i Norsk Tidsskrift for Misjon 4-2004. Download.

Hegstad, Harald, "From Congregational Studies to Congregational Development. On the Different Modes of Ecclesiology" (2010)
Paper presented at conference in june 2010 in Utrecht. In the introduction Hegstad writes that, "There are not only a lot of ecclesiologies when it comes to content, but also when it comes to the understanding of what the field is all about. Ecclesiology is not only done within different "schools", but also in different "modes". When trying to clarify the different types of ecclesiological research and thinking, it is important to understand the relation between these different modes. This is not only a formal exercise; it raises questions on the understanding of theology, and of the relation between theology and other disciplines." Download.

Jüngel, Eberhard,"Mission" (1999)
Texte zum Schwerpunktthema: Mission, 4. Tagung der 9. Synode der EKD (7.-12. November 1999, Leipzig). Download.

Jørgensen, Knud, Trenger kirken omvendelse. På vej mot en missional ekklesiologi. Areopgaos' direktør Knud Jørgensen er engageret i missional-kirkeprocessen både i Norge og Danmark. Læs her hans bidrag til en norsk ekklesiogibog, som snart udgivesFor at se de tilhørende skemaer i power-point format, klik Download.

Mogensen, Mogens S., "Missional kirke i Danmark". Dansk Tidsskrift for Teologi og Kirke. 36(1), 2009,  s. 23-38. Download.

Nicolajsen, Jeppe Bach red., Missional Ekklesiologi. Dansk Tidsskrift for Teologi og Kirke (2009)
Indeholder bl.a. artikler af Jeppe Bach Nicolajsen, Karsten Nissen, Knud Jørgensen og Mogens S. Mogensen. Download.

Nicolajsen, Jeppe Bach red., Missional teologisk uddannelse. Dansk Tidsskrift for Teologi og Kirke (2011)

Jeppe Bach Nicolajsen (red.), Missional Kirke – en introduktion. Forlaget Kolon, 2012

Nielsen, Harald, Kirke i Mission. Ny Mission nr. 6 (2004)
Indeholder artikler af bl.a. Darrell Guder, Knud Jørgensen og Mogens S. Mogensen. Download.

Nielsen, Lars, Paradigmeskifti dansk mission. Kritisk Forum for Praktisk Teologi. Nr. 77. Sep. 1999, s. 34-45. Download.

Nissen, Karsten, Folkekirke og mission. Kritisk Forum for Praktisk Teologi. Nr. 77. Sep. 1999, s. 71-76. Download

Schurb, Ken, "Missional? The Church in Luther's Large Catechism". Logia.
This article presents a critique of missional theolgoy from a Lutheran perspective
The article is not available in regular online databases but you can buy a copy of that issue of the journal at their web site.

Offline litteratur

Barret, Lois Y., ed. Treasure in Clay Jars: Patterns in Missional FaithfulnessEerdmans.
Case studies of nine churches with missional characteristics, one of them a Lutheran church.

Bliese, Richard H., "The Mission Matrix: Mapping our the Complexities of Missional Ecclesiology". Word and World.26(3) 2006.Pp. 237-248.

Bliese, Richard H. and Craig Van Gelder, eds. The Evangelizing Church: A Lutheran Contribution. Augsburg Fortress Press. 2005.
This book interprets missional theology from an ELCA Lutheran perspective. Important chapters are 1, 2, and 3. Also included is an Epilogue of 12 commitments of a Lutheran evangelizing church. (Chapter 6 is one that Evangelicals will have a hard time with, taking a very inclusivist position toward the non-Christian world.)

Chung, Paul, Reclaiming Mission as Constructive Theology: Missional Church and World Christianity (2012)

Nissen, Karsten, En gammel folkekirke i en ny tid - evangeliet og vores kultur (Unitas Forlag, 2009)

Schulz, Klaus Detlev. Mission From the Cross: The Lutheran Theology of Mission. St. Louis, MO: Concordia Publishing House. 2009.
Schulz is a professor at Concordia Theological Seminary in the department of Pastoral Ministry and Missions. This book is a Lutheran theology of mission that discusses mission from the perspective of the Book of Concord and argues that the Lutheran Confessions carry one into evangelistic engagement with the world.

Van Gelder, Craig & Dwight J Zscheile, Missional Church in Perspective, The: Mapping Trends and Shaping the Conversation (Baker Academic, 2011)


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