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Mission and Dialogue
Magazine from Fuller on "Mission and Dialoge"

The editors of the magazine “Mission and Dialogue” published by Fuller Theological Seminary write: “A primary concern is the fear of compromising the evangelistic mandate as expressed by the following encounter with a local pastor who said: “We are called to preach the gospel so why should we engage in dialogue with people of other faiths?” While this question is a legitimate one, it begs for deeper theological reflection with regards to what we mean when we use terms such as “Mission”, “Interfaith”, and “Dialogue.” …It is our hope that evangelicals will soon come to see these two obligations—mission and interfaith engagement—not as mutually exclusive but rather as an opportunity to embody a holistic witness that bridges religious divides for the sake of “loving our religious neighbor as ourselves”, through conversation, cooperation, and proclamation.” Download magazine.

Evangelii Gaudium-"Evangeliets glæde" - Pave Frans kalder til glad evangelisering

Pave Frans 1 udsendte i november 2013  "Evangelii Gaudium" (The Joy of the Gospel). Et meget inspirende dokument som med stort udbytte kan læses af både katolikker og ikke-katolikker. Her er en smagsprøve "Goodness always tends to spread. Every authentic experience of truth and goodness seeks by its very nature to grow within us, and any person who has experienced a profound liberation becomes more sensitive to the needs of others. As it expands, goodness takes root and develops. If we wish to lead a dignified and fulfilling life, we have to reach out to others and seek their good."


Danmissions tidligere generalsekretær Harald Nielsen har skrevet en vigtig bog om præsten i Lyngby, Bone Falck Rønne (1764-1833). Bone Falck Rønne er især kendt for at være stifteren af Det Danske Missionsselskab (nu Danmission) I 1821 under mottoet “Frygt ikke! Tro ikkun!” Men biografien tegner et billede af hel Rønnes virke i dansk folkeoplysning og kirkeliv – i undervisning, fattigforsorg og landbrugsudvikling i overgangstiden mellem 1700’ernes oplysningstid og den danske pietisme. Bogen udkommer den 1. september I 250-året fra Rønnes fødsel. Ved bestilling inden 1 juli koster bogen, der bliver på ca. 200 sider, kun 150 kr. plus forsendelse. Læs mere om bogen her. Se bogens indholdsfortegnelse her.


Ny doktorafhandling om eks-muslimers kontekstuelle teologisering

Duane Alexander Miller har skrevet en spændende PhD-afhandling med titlen "Living among the Breakage. Contextual Theology-making adn Ex-Muslims" (20014). "Since the 1960’s there has been a marked increase in the number of known conversions from Islam to Christianity. This thesis asks whether certain of these ex-Muslim Christians engage in the process of theology-making and, if so, it asks what these theologies claim to know about God and humans’ relation to God. The two case studies are of a Christian community which founded a Muslim-background church in the Arabophone world and some Iranian Christian congregations in the USA and UK Diaspora.. ... The final chapter brings together the various threads which have been raised throughout the thesis and argues that ex-Muslim Christians are engaged in theology-making, that areas of interest to them include theology of the church, salvation and baptism, and that the dominant metaphor in these theologies is a conceptualization of love and power that sees the two divine traits as inseparable from each other; they represent a knowledge about who God is and what he is like, which, in their understanding, is irreconcilable with their former religion, Islam." Download. Læs også Millers artikel, "Iranian Diaspora Christians in the American Midwest & Scotland: Historical Background, Present Realities & Future Challenges" (2012). Download. (Foto er fra iransk menighed i Californien)

Mission i en brydningstidCarey

"Hvis man lægger øret til jorden, kan man ikke undgå at høre, at det knager og brager i de gamle missionsselskabsstrukturer. Det skyldes ikke, at mission er blevet mere og mere marginaliseret teologisk og kirkeligt set; tværtimod er der i dag en større forståelse for mission i kirkelige og teologiske kredse, end der nogensinde har været. Det skyldes heller ikke, at der ikke længere er brug for mission; tværtimod er missionsudfordringerne i dag ikke til at komme uden om. Men meget tyder på, at der er et påtrængende behov for ændringer i den måde, missionen organiseres på i dag". I den følgende tid vil der blive lagt en række korte artikler om forskellige aspekter af temaet "Mission i en brydningstid" ud på dette website.
1. "Det knager og brager i de gamle strukturer"
2. "Mission uden missionærer?"
3. "Mission er ikke længere en ensrettet trafik fra vesten til resten"
4. "Riv pyramiderne ned"
5. "Genforening af mission og kirke - men hvordan?"
6. "Vi må i kirke og mission tænke - og eksperimentere - så det brager"

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