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Denne artikel dannede baggrund for en længere debat om emnet, som kan følges gennem link knyttet til denne artikel. Bl.a. følgende missiologer har her responderet på Cummings artikel: Martin Accad, John Axumah, David Claydon, Mazhar Mallouhi, John Travis og Phil Parshall. Download.

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Article in St. Francis Magazine, December 2009. Download part one. Download part two.

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The Korean missiology professor outlines what should be considered in establishing a Christian community in a Muslim context in East Africa. Download.

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Rick Love from Frontiers in this article examines the "the missing peace of evangelical missiology by tracing some of the fascinating connections between peacemaking and evangelism in the New Testament" in order to "demonstrate the need for an integrated approach to peacemaking and evangelism that can be summarized as follows:There should be a strong congruity between our message (the gospel of peace),our mandates (peacemaking and evangelism), and our manner (the irenic way we carry out the great commission)."Download.

Miller, Duane, "Reappropriation: an accomodationist hermeneutic of Islamic Christianity" (St. Francis Magazine, June 2009)
The author writes about how Muslims who have become followers of Jesus Christ, sometimes adopt new hermeneutical methods for reading the Qur'an. Download.

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Prof. Jan Opsal, School of Theology and Mision, Stavanger, sets out to identify some significant trends during the last century, such as:
Competition, Communication, Conversion, Contextualization, Cooperation, Controversy, Creativity, in order to find out, what the church has actually learned with regard to each of these lessons , but also the lessons not yet learned. Download.

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This homepage offers you the opportunity to read online the book „ Muslims ask, Christians answer". In addition the homepage shall list further questions from readers concerning the book and about Christianity and Christian-Muslim Relations in general, together with answers to these. Download.

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An analysis of protestant - in particular Reformed and Anglican - mission to Muslims in the period 1800 - 1938. Download.

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Islam and Christianity - blog
"This blog is written by a Christian, Abu Daoud, living in the Middle East. My desire is to discuss Islam and Christianity in ways that will be helpful for people of the other religion." Visit.

Jesus in the Qur'an
A ministry among Muslims established by pastor Buddy Hoffman, Atlanta. Visit.

Joint Christian Ministry in West Africa
Ministry among Muslim Fulbe (Fulanis) in West Africa. Visit.

Living Stone Library
The Website of Greg Livingstone, who is associated with Arab World Ministries. Visit.

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