Evangelisering er et helt centralt fokus for mission. På denne side præsenteres derfulan8.jpg

  • centrale økumeniske og konfessionelle erklæringer evangelisering
  • links til websites med fokus på evangelisering og med resourcer om evangelisering
  • online litteratur om evangelisering
  • bøger og artikler på dansk om evangelisering
  • bøger og artikler på engelsk om evangelisering

Økumeniske og konfessionelle erklæringer om evangelisering

Vatikanet, "Doctrinal Note on Some Aspects of Evangelization" (2007)
Troskongregationen i Vatikanet har den 23. oktober 2007 udsendt en erklæring om evangelisering "to recall to the Catholic faithful some fundamental principles regarding the proclamation of the Gospel in contemporary circumstances, by elucidating certain anthropological, ecclesiological and ecumenical implications of this important question". Læs mere.

Leuenberg, "Evangelising. Protestant perspectives for the Churches in Europe" (2006)
Evangelisationsdokument vedtaget af Leuenberg-fællesskabet "Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) - Leuenberg Church Fellowship" september 2006. Dokumentet søger at besvare spørgsmålene, "Why is evangelising a challenge for Protestant churches in Europe?", "What impels the church to evangelise?", "What challenges do the European contexts pose for evangelising?", og "How can evangelising become a reality?". Læs mere.

World Council of Churches, "Missiona and Evangelism in Unity today" (2000)
The paper “Mission and Evangelism in Unity Today” was adopted by the WCC Commission on World Mission and Evangelism in 2000 as a study document to be used during the preparations for the next world mission conference. Read more.

World Council of Churches, "Towards Common Witness" (1997)
Dokumentet "Towards Common Witness. A call to adopt responsible relationships in mission and to renounce proselytism" blev vedtaget af Kirkernes Verdensråd i 1997. Læs mere.

Lausanne pagten (1974)
Læs mere.

Lausanne, "Capetown Erklæringen. Et kald til at tage del i Guds mission" (2010)

Lausanne documents on evangelism
A large amount of Lausanne Occasional Papers and papers from conferences, all of them on evangelism are availabe for download. Read more.

Pave Frans, "Evangelii Gaudium" (The Joy of the Gospel) (November 2013)



Group for Evangelism - Church in a Spiritual Age
This web site is here to support the workbook "Equipping Your Church In A Spiritual Age", which has been published by Churches togethter in England.. Read more.

Ecumenical Letter on Evangelism
The "Ecumenical Letter on Evangelism" is published by The World Council of Churches" once or twice per year with information about conferences and documents on evangelism.Read more.


Online litterature on evangelism

Dakin, Tim, "Evangelism Is not a Dirty Word"
"Evangelism is not proselytism. The spirit of proselytism is coercion. The spirit of evangelism is kindness." Read more.

Stone, Bryan, "What Is Evangelism"
The article is adapted from introduction to his book "Evangelism after Christendom". Read more.

Sparks, Alexis Ann, "An Examination of the Relationships between Lay Evangelism Communication, Argumentatativeness, and Religious orientation."
An MA thesis. 2006. Read more.


Artikler og bøger på dansk

DMS, Mission og evangelisering. Nyt Synspunkt 22. 1975.
Mogen S. Mogensen, Mogens S., Evangelisering - missionens fokus. Ny Mission nr. 15. Frederiksberg:
Unitas, 2008


Articles and book in English on evangelism

Abraham, William. 1989. The Logic of Evangelism. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1989
Green, Michael, Evangelism in the Early Church. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1970
Guder, Darrell L., Be My Witnesses: The Church's Mission, Message, and Messengers
Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1978.
Stone, Bryan, Evangelism after Christendom. Theology and Practice of Christian Witness.
Grand Rapids, MI: Brtazos Press, 2007.

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