Missional ledelse og uddannelse



Fresh Expressions of the Church - Church of England:

Bop Hopkins, "Towards Pioneer Missional Leadership" (for Mission Shaped Church) 1" (2003)
Forslag til et nyt inititativ mht. udvælgelse, uddannelse og udsendelse af missionale pioner ledere. Download.

Bop Hopkins, "Towards Pioneer Missional Leadership" (for Mission Shaped Church 2" (2003)
Forslag til et nyt inititativ mht. udvælgelse, uddannelse og udsendelse af missionale pioner ledere. Download.

The Church of England, "Guidelines for the Identification, Training and Deployment of Ordained Pioneer Missionaries (2005)
Dette dokument er en opfølgning på en af anbefalingerne fra rapporten "Mission-shaped Church", nml. behovet for udvælgelse, træning og udsendelse af missionærer til plantning af "fresh expresseions of the church" i nye kontekster i den anglikanske kirke i England.  Download.

Alan Roxburgh:

Alan Roxburgh om "missional leadership"
Læs et spændende interview med Alan Roxburgh om kristent lederskab i en postmoderne verden. For at læse det første af interviewets fem afsnit, klik her.


Interview m Eddie Gibbs om missional kikre, emerging church og ledelse
Gibbs har netop udgivet bogen "ChurchMorph - how megatrends are reshaping Christian communities": "The morphing of the church relates to the church transitioning to a new identity as a missional presence in the West. There is a growing realization among leaders committed to mission that the challenge will not be adequately met by adding new programs to ensure the local church, or a denomination's, institutional survival. Such leaders are talking about an unfettered re-imagining of the church, resulting in a comprehensive change in its self-understanding and its reconfiguration". Podcast

--- -

Hjalmarson, Leonard, "Leading from the Margins"

John R. Franke, "Teaching Theology from a Missional Perspective"
"The move from church with a mission to missional church has significant implications for the character of theology." Læs mere.



Newbigin, Lesslie
1979     "Theological Education in a World Perspective". Churchman 39.

Roxburgh, Alan J.
1997     The Missionary Congregation, Leadership & Liminality. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Trinity
Press International.

Roxburgh, Alan J. & Fred Romanuk
2006     The Missional Leader: Equipping Your Church to Reach a Changing World. John Wiley &
Sons, .

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