Multikulturalisme og det multikulturelle samfund



Andrew Heywood distinguishes between two forms of multiculturalism, "the term ‘multiculturalis
m’ has been used in a variety of ways, both descriptive and normative. As a descriptive term, it has been taken to refer to cultural diversity … As a normative term, multiculturalism implies a positive endorsement, even celebration, of communal diversity, typically based on either the right of different groups to respect and recognition, or to the alleged benefits to the larger society of moral and cultural diversity”.


Online litteratur om multikulturalisme på dansk

Bøss, Michael, "Når det multikulturelle samfund fungerer" (Information, den 22. august, 2011l
Om det canadiske samfund, der er multikulturelt i plurlaistisk men ikke i ideologisk forstand. Download.

Holtug, Niels, "Danish Multiculturalism. Where art thou?"

Jacobsen, Brian Arly, "Danmark har altid været et multireligiøst samfund". (, den 17. august 2011).
Kritisk overvejelse over det multikulturelle. Download.

Pedersen, Søren Hvid, Multikulturalimse og integration (CEPOS 2010)

Rosenberg, Göran, "Vi er alle multikulturelle nu" (Information, den 26. juli, 2007)

Sarvar, Ikram, "Hvor bliver det multikulturelle samfund af?" (Politiken 13/3/09)

Thyssen, Ole, "Multikulturalisme beriger samfundet" (Information, den 15. november 2012)

22-7 og det multikulturele samfund
Den 22. juli 2011 begiv Anders Breivik frygtelige terrorhandlinger i Oslo og på Utøya, der kostede 88 mennesker livet. Terroristens angivelige mål med terrorhandlingerne var at bekæmpe udviklingen af et multikulturelt samfund, hvorfor hans angreb rettedes mod de politikre, som han mente var ansvarlig for denne udviking. Udover en generel fordømmelse af terroren har denne sat en debat om det multikulturelle samfund igang.


Online litterature on multiculturalism in English

Ellis, Frank, "Multiculturalism and Marxism" (American Renaissance, November 1999)
Ellis is a very controversial lecturer in Russian and Slavonic Studes at Leeds University, who was suspended for alleged racism". He introduces this article with the following statement: "No successful society shows a spontaneous tendency towards multiculturalism or multiracialism. Successful and enduring societies show a high degree of homogeneity. Those who support multiculturalism either do not know this or, what is more likely, realize that if they are to transform Western societies into strictly regulated, racial-feminist bureaucracies they must first undermine those societies." Download.

Guillam, Peter, "This multiculturalism debate is not about culture" (The Guardian, April 26, 2011)
"As it stands, the multiculturalism debate is a proxy for everything other than culture: race, inequality, markets, globalisation, terrorism – perhaps modernity itself. But certainly not culture – because all cultures are multicultures, and cannot be anything else." Download.

Inglis, Christine, "Multiculturalism: New Policy Responses to Diversity" (UNESCO)

John, Cindi, "So what exactly is multiculturalism?" (BBC News, April 5, 2004)
Different understandings of and attitudes to multiculturalism. Download.

Tariq Modood, Tariq, "Remaking multiculturalism after 7/7"  (29 September 2005)
"Britain’s multicultural model is held responsible for the London bombs of July 2005. But a deeper understanding suggests a concept that can be extended to a “politics of equal respect” that includes Britain’s Muslims in a new, shared sense of national belonging, says Tariq Modood." Download.

Song, Sarah, "Multiculturalism" (The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 2010)
Contains a very useful overview of the concept. Download.

Volokh, Eugene, "Fuzzy Thinking on Multiculturalism" (CBS News March 31, 2011)

Younge, Gary, "On the West's Moral Panic Over 'Multiculturalism" (The Nation, July 7, 2011)
This article is adapted from the preface to The Crises of Multiculturalism: Racism in a Neoliberal Age, by Alana Lentin and Gavan Titley, published by Zed Books on July 14, 2011. Download.





Centre for Research on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism
"CRONEM is a multidisciplinary research centre in the field of nationalism, ethnicity and multiculturalism. It brings together those at Surrey and Roehampton who are engaged in issues which lie at the nexus between nation, ethnicity, multiculturalism, citizenship and migration" at the Universty of Surrey. Download.


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