Konversion fra islam til kristendom


Konversion fra islam til kristendom i Iran og blandt iranere uden for Iran


Online litteratur

Akcapar, Sebnem Koser
2006        "Conversion as a Migration Strategy in a Transit Country: Iranian Shiites Becoming Christians in Turkey" On conversion as a tool for migration. The dissertation is accessible for members of Academia.edu here.

Cate, Patrick & Dwight Singer
1980        A Survey of Muslim Converts in Iran. Download.

Hurd, Dale
2013       "Iranian Converts Bringing Life to German Church". CBN News January 11. Download.

Markarian,  Krikor.  
2008.      "Spiritual  Vacuum".  Mission Frontiers Sep-Oct. Download.

2008.      "The  Long  March  Forward:  From  Cyrus  to  Ayatollah". Mission Frontiers Sep-Oct. Download.

2008.      "Today’s  Iranian  Revolution:  How  the  Mullahs  are  Leading  the  Nation  to  Jesus". Mission Frontiers Sep-Oct. Download.

Miller, Duane Alexander
2009        "The Conversion Narrative of Samira from Shi'a Islam to Mary, her Church and her Son. St Francis Magazine 5:5 (October). pp. 81-92.

2012         "The Secret World of God: Aesthetics, Relationships, and the Conversion of ‘Frances’ from Shi’a Islam to Christianity". Global Missiology 9 (3). Download.

2012        "Iranian Diaspora Christian in the American Midwest & Scotland: Historical Background, Present Realities, & Future Challenges". Global Missiology 9:2, January. Download.

2013        Living among the breakage: Contextual Theology-making and Ex-Muslims Christians. PhD dissertation, School of Divinity, The University of Edinburgh (2013).
As part of the dissertation Miller analyses the conversion in the US and in Great Britain of Iranian Muslims  to Christianity. The dissertation is accessible for members of Academia.edu here.
2015      "Power, Personalities and Politics. The Growth of Iranian Christianity since 1979. Mission Studies 22:66-86. Download.
Miller, Duane Alexanders & Patrick Johnston
2015       "Believers in Christ from a Muslim Background: A Global Census” (2015) står Patrick Johnstone. Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion. Vol 11 art. 10.

Pankau, Matthias & Uwe Siemon-Netto
2012      "The Other Iranian Revolution". Christianity Today. Download.

Report Iran: Christians and Converts
2011       Rapport produced by The Country of Origin Information Centre (Landinfo).
"This report concerns the subject of Christians and Christian converts in The Islamic Republic of Iran. After providing a brief overview of religious minorities and Christian Churches in Iran, the report turns to discuss apostasy in relation to Islam and Islamic Law and apostasy in the context of Iranian Law. The  final chapter gives an outline of some key practical realities and concerns of converts in Iran, and provides a number of references to recent events concerning conversion. It is based on information providedby both public and non-public sources."  Download.

Seto, Paul S.
2010     "Conversion vi, to Protestant Christianity in Persia". In Encyclopaedia Iranica, Online Edition. Download.


Iranian Christians International

Farsi Net

Elam Ministries

A Wind in the House of Islam
Muslims call their world “The House of Islam” or Dar al-Islam in Arabic. Everyone who is a Muslim, some 1.6 billion persons today, is within the House of Islam.There are Nine Rooms in the House of Islam, and the Wind of God’s Spirit is blowing through every one of them.


Offline litteratur

Fouroozandeh, Massoud
2010        Den forbudte frelse - Min vej til friheden. Kristeligt Daglads forlag.
Historien om en muslimsk iransk drengs flugt fra Iran til Danmark og hans senere omvendelse til kristendommen.

Bradley, Mark
2008      Iran and Christianity: Historical Identity and Present Relevance. London: Continuum.

Cottee, Simon
2015      The Apostates. When Muslims Leave Islam. London: Hurst & Company.

Garrison, David
2014      A Wind in the House of Islam: How God Is Draowing Muslims around the World to faith in Jesus Christ. CO: Wigtake


Artikler og bøger af Mogens S. Mogensen

"Conversions in Denmark" (2010)
Paper presented at the Conference on "Church and Mission in a Multireligious Thrid Millennium", University of Aarhus, January 27-29. Download.

"Migration and Conversion - The Conversion of Immigrants in a Danish Context" (2008) 
In Thormod Engelsviken et. al. (eds.), Mission to the World. Communicating the Gospel in the 21st Century.
Essays in Honour of Knud Jørgensen
. Oxford: Regnum, pp. 67-84. Download.

"Integration og konversion - immigranters konversion til kristendomen i Danmark" (2007)I Mogens S. Mogensen & John H.M. Damsager (red), Dansk konversionsforskning. Århus: Forlaget Univers. S. 72-93.

"Når danskere skifter tro" (2005)
Uddrag af bog fra 2005, "Når danskere skifter tro. Omvendelse mellem religionerne i Danmark". Download.

"Det har konsekvenser at vælge islam." (2005)
Religion. dk
. Download

"Konvertering, asyl og integration" (2005)
Kristeligt Dagblad den 20. juni. Download.

"Religionsomvendelse er er ny udfordring i Danmark" (2005)
"Religion angår de dybeste lag i et menneskes identitet og selvforståelse. Derfor er omvendelse mellem religionerne et meget sensitivt fænomen, som det kræver stor tolerance, forståelse og indlevelsesevne at omgås for alle implicerede." Bearbejdelse af afslutningskapitlet i bogen "Når danskere skifter religion", bragt som kronik i Kristeligt Dagblad den 13. december 2005. Download.

"Omvendelser til kristendom" (2005)

Uddrag af bogen "Dåb og religionsskifte" (2005) optrykt i Udfordringen. Download.

Når danskere skifter tro. Omvendelse mellem religionerne i Danmark (2005).

Frederiksberg: Unitas forlag.

"At konvertere frem og tilbage." (2005)
. Download.

"Konvertering, dåbsforberedelse og fællesskab" (2005)
Kalundborg kirkeblad
. Okt.

"Konversion og integration" (2005)
Oplæg til forskerseminar om "Konversionsmodeller" 27. - 28. september på Kbh. Univ. Download.

"Antallet af konversioner i Danmark"
"Konversion er et fænomen, der ikke bare er kommet for at blive, men som også vil få stigende betydning i de kommende år". Læs Mogens S. Mogensens svar på www.religion.dk til Sultan og Sofie om, hvor mange mennesker i Danmark der konverterer til en anden religion. Download.

"Conversion between Islam and Christianity in a Danish Context" (2003)

I Theology and the Religions, Viggo Mortensen, red. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans. Pp. 287-317.Download.

"Livshistorier" (1999)
En artikel om omvendelse fra islam til kristendom i en Nigeriansk sammenhæng. Trykt i Kritisk Forum for Praktisk Teologi i 1999. Download.

PhD afhandling om Fulani-mission og om omvendelse fra islam til kristendom i Nordnigeria (2000)Hele PhD afhandlingen "Contextual Communication of the Gospel to Pastoral Fulbe in Northern Nigeria"  (2000) af Mogens S. Mogensen er nu tilgængelig i pdf-format. Download s. 1-150. Download s. 151-300. Download s. 301-348.



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