Resolution passed at “European LWF Church Leadership Consultation” in  Trondheim, Norway, May 14, 2015


 The number of refugees and internally displaced persons in the world is now at the highest level since World War 2. More than 50 mio. people in the world are now forcibly displaced. Some of them are risking their lives to try to seek refuge in Europe. According to UNHCR so far this year more than 36.000 refugees and migrants have arrived by boat in southern Europe, and more than 1600 have died.

The Lutheran World Federation was founded in 1947 in a time of serious refugee problems and many of or our churches have in their history experiences of integrating refugees. It is for us as churches crucial and natural from our theology and from our understanding of church that migrants and refugees are our brothers and sisters and that we have to support them in all possible ways.

Therefore we call upon the European governments and the European Union

  • to establish a program like Mare Nostrum to search and rescue the refugees in the whole Mediterranean Sea
  • to create safe passage corridors for refugees especially from countries like Syria and Iraq
  • to develop a system for a more just distribution of refugees within Europe

We ask all churches in Europe to support these urgent requests to their governments. As Lutheran churches we commit ourselves to increase our efforts to welcome refugees in our midst.