On-line litterature on mission in English

On-line books and articles collected, screened and commented by Mogens S. Mogensen.

Allen, Roland,  The Sponaneous Expansionof the Church (1927)
A classic in missiology. Download.

Hansen, Flemming   "Mission, Church and Tradition in Context" - summary
A 5 page-summary of the PhD dissertation by Flemming Hansen. A pioneer work presenting an emic understanding of the encounter between Lutheran Christianity and traditional African religion in Tanzania.  Download.

Kärkïnen, Veli Mati, "Theologies of Religion" Fuller - Theology News and Notes 2010

Mission and Postmodernities. Swedish Missiological Themes. Vol 95 No. 4. 2007
Papers presented at a NIME confernce in Turku/Åbo, Finland in August 2007.

Mortensen, Viggo, ed., "The Role of Mission in the Future of Lutheran Missiology" (2003)
Papers presented at a preconference in connection with conference on the future of Lutheran theology in Aarhus University January 2003. Contains among others papers by Eduard H. Schroeder, Philip Baker, Johannes Nissen and Viggo Mortensen.

Søltoft, Pia, "Søren Kierkegaard on Mission in Christendom" (2007)
Article in Swedish Missiological Themes Vol. 95. No. 4 pp. 395-404.

Theology - News and Notes - Theology of Religions (2005)
This issue off News and Notes from Fuller Theological Seminary contain articles about the theologies of religion of Barths, Pannenberg a.o. Read articles by Jacques Matthey, WCC, Veli Matti Kärkäinen, Fuller, Kirsteen Kim, Selly Oak Colleges etc.

Thompson, T. Jack, "Capturing the Image: African Missionary Photography as Enslavement and Liberation (2007)
"African missionary photography operated in the borderlands between idea and reality, between enslavement and liberation. Precisely where that border runs remains a matter for ongoing discussion". The article contains a number of historical photos that are analysed in view of enslavement and liberation.

Collections of On-line articles and books:

Lausanne Documents
This website gives you access to the Primary Lausanne Documents, the Lausanne Occasional Papers and Other Lausanne Documents, all in all more than 50 online mission documents. Read more.

"Researching World Christianity - Doctoral Dissertations on Mission since 1900"
This database incorporates compilations of missions-related dissertations published in the July 1983, July 1993, and July 2003 issues of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research, and has been expanded in its scope. Read more.

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