American Society of Missiology 
The American Society of Missiology consists of 600 scholars, missions agency executives, and missionaries and also publishes Missiology: An International Review.

Association of Professors of Mission
"Organized in 1952, the APM exists to promote among its members Christian fellowship, spiritual life and professional usefulness. We are comprised of missions professors and academics from Evangelical, Conciliar, and Catholic backgrounds committed to the common cause of teaching mission well."

Center for the Study of Global Christianity
On this website, operated by The Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary you will find a very interesting  "World Christian Database", which contains information on 34.000 Christian denominations and on religions in all countries of the world. It also holds information about 238 countries and 130000 ethnolinguistic people groups etc.

European Evangelical Mission Association
"The EEMA exists to explore, inspire, envision and equip cross-cultural mission in Europe by: – facilitating consultations across Europe – addressing key mission issues – providing opportunities for networking – supporting new and existing initiatives – resourcing – encouraging mutual learning and respect"

Evangelical Missiological Society
"We are a professional society with more than 350 members comprised of missiologists, mission administrators, teachers, pastors with strategic missiological interests, and students of missiology."

Global Connections
Global Connections (formally the UK Evangelical Missionary Alliance) is a network of mission agencies, colleges, development organisations, churches and others, all committed to world mission, and to working together where possible. Useful website with downloadable papers on mission issues, codes of practice, etc.

International Association for Mission Studies 
is an international, interdenominational and intercultural body committed to the scholarly study of issues related to Christian mission. The main objects of the Association are among other things to promote the scholarly study of theological, historical and practical questions relating to the mission of the Church. The website contains a wealth of ressources such as lists of names of missiologists, research aids, information about ongoing research and articles. The IAMS also publishes the journal Mission Studies.

National Mission Movements Directory
List of national mission movements and organisations worldwide with description and contact information.

Oscar - the UK information service for world mission
This website contain a lot of useful practical and theoretical information about world mission, incl. an opportunity zone, a service zone and a supporter zone and possibilities for interactivity.
A network of people committed to Christian mission but who want to escape from the tired missionary models of the Modern era. A voice for Postmodern cross-cultural mission workers (Xers, Millennials and beyond) and would-be missionaries who feel they don't fit in the missions scene.A community for those Xers and Millennials (and others) who are struggling with issues related to postmodernity and cross-cultural mission and have no-one who understands what they are on about - you are not alone! A forum for those who want to do find creative ways to do cross-cultural mission that is both authentically Christian and authentically postmodern.A resource for mission agency leaders who are anxious to bridge the gap with their younger colleagues, and indeed anyone who wants to find out about the implications of Postmodernity for Christian Mission. - Mission

This website contains articles on mission. Full texts by recognized scholars.

SEDOS is a Catholic organisation working with religion, misison and church. The website hold valuable articles on religion, church and mission.

Seedbed is a growing network that seeks to identify, nurture, promote, disseminate and generally encourage innovation in Christian mission in all its forms. In many ways a sister site to, but with a vision that goes wider that the issues of postmodernity and looks at the impact of two-thirds world missionary movements, globalization, and the other big forces for change in our time.

Southern African Missiological Society. 
The Southern African Missiological Society (SAMS) is a scholarly society for the study of Christian mission. The SAMS also publishes the journal Missionalia.

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