Links on Fulanis and Fulanimission

Fulfulde "Good News" papers
"Booyataa" og "Badake" are outreach papers produced by Soon in Adamawa Fulfulde and the Pulaar dialects spoken by Fulas in Senegal and surrounding countries.They are offered free and can also be downloaded.
This website is for Fulanis interested in Christianity and for non-Fulanis interested in missiona among Fulanis.

Sawtu Linjiila radio studio, Ngaoundere, Cameroun
Sawtu Linjiila is a Christian radiostudio which since 1966 has produced and broadcast in shortwave and now also in FM programs on development, news, cultural issues together with programs on the gospel. This website opened in November 2002l

Fulani people description
Contains a short description of the Fulani people in West Africa.

Institute for Nomadic Studies
On the US Center for World Mission in California, Dr. Malcom Hunter has establsiehd a center for mission studies on nomadic societies around the world. Since many Fulanis are still nomads, this website will also be relevant for those who take interest in Fulanis.

The Fulbe of Guinea
Short description of Fulanis in Guinea and the mission work carried out among them by the af Christian Missionary Alliance.

The Sokoto Fulani of Nigeria
Short description of the Sokoto Fulanis in Nigeria and the mission work among them. Presented by Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles. From hee there are links to informations about a number of other Fulani groups in West Africa.

Fulani Ministries International
Fulani Ministries International is an interdenominational mission organisation founded in 1997, originally focusing on Fulanis in Burkina Faso, but now with Fulanis all over West Afica as their goal. The chairman is Bureima Diallo.

What is a Fulani
This website provide a short introduction to the Fulani people and to missiona among Fulani.

Ethnoloque on Fulani language
Ethnologue presents the language family to which Fulfulde belongs and the dialects of the Fulfulde language.
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