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Cumming, Joseph, "Muslim Followers of Jesus" (2010)
Denne artikel dannede baggrund for en længere debat om emnet, som kan følges gennem link knyttet til denne artikel. Bl.a. følgende missiologer har her responderet på Cummings artikel: Martin Accad, John Axumah, David Claydon, Mazhar Mallouhi, John Travis og Phil Parshall. Download.

Daoud, Abu, "Mission and Sacrament" (2008)
Article in St. Francis Magazine, December 2009. Download part one. Download part two.

Kim, Caleb, "Anthropological Insights for Gospel Communicators in African-Muslim Contexts" (Lausanne World Pulse 2006)
The Korean missiology professor outlines what should be considered in establishing a Christian community in a Muslim context in East Africa. Download.

Lausanne Committee, “A New Vision, a New Heart, a Renewed Call” (2004)

Love, Rick, "The Missing Peace of Evangelical Missiology: Peacemaking and Respectful Witness"

Rick Love from Frontiers in this article examines the "the missing peace of evangelical missiology by tracing some of the fascinating connections between peacemaking and evangelism in the New Testament" in order to "demonstrate the need for an integrated approach to peacemaking and evangelism that can be summarized as follows:There should be a strong congruity between our message (the gospel of peace),our mandates (peacemaking and evangelism), and our manner (the irenic way we carry out the great commission)."Download.

Miller, Duane, "Reappropriation: an accomodationist hermeneutic of Islamic Christianity" (St. Francis Magazine, June 2009)
The author writes about how Muslims who have become followers of Jesus Christ, sometimes adopt new hermeneutical methods for reading the Qur'an. Download.

Opsal, Jan, "Mission to Muslims: Which lessons have the Christian Church learned?" (2010)

Prof. Jan Opsal, School of Theology and Mision, Stavanger, sets out to identify some significant trends during the last century, such as:
Competition, Communication, Conversion, Contextualization, Cooperation, Controversy, Creativity, in order to find out, what the church has actually learned with regard to each of these lessons , but also the lessons not yet learned. Download.

Schroeder, Edward H., "Using Luther's Concept of Deus absconditus for Christian Mission to Muslims"

Sinclair, Daniel ”Baptism in Muslim Ministry”. Mission Frontiers 2015 may/junE isssue s. 37-41. Download.

Troll, Christian W., Muslims Ask, Christians Answer (2005)
This homepage offers you the opportunity to read online the book „ Muslims ask, Christians answer". In addition the homepage shall list further questions from readers concerning the book and about Christianity and Christian-Muslim Relations in general, together with answers to these. Download.

Werf, Lyle L. Vander, Christian Mission to Muslims. The Record Anglican and Reformed Approaches in India and the Near East, 1800-1938 (1977).
An analysis of protestant - in particular Reformed and Anglican - mission to Muslims in the period 1800 - 1938. Download.

Werf, Lyle L. Vander, "Christian Mission to Our Muslim Friends"

Woodberry, J. Dudley, "Contextualization among Muslims. Reusing Common Pillars". Internationatiol Journal of Frontier Missions. Vol. 13.4. (1996).

Artikler af Mogens S. Mogensen

1999 ”Livshistorier”. Kritisk Forum for Praktisk Teologi. Nr. 77. S. 19-33. Download.

2000 ”Islam-mission i Afrika”. DEM bladet. Download.

2003  "Islam som udfordring til Folkekirken". Til et folk de alle hører. Harald Nielsen, red. København: Unitas. S. 139-161. Download. download

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2006  Rapport fra lytterunde blandt muslimske organisationer og moskeer. Århus: Folkekirke og Religionsmøde. Sammen med Leif Vestergaard og Safet Bektovic. Download.

2006  Anerkendelse og mission - efter Muhammed-kristen. Ny Mission nr. 11. (Red.). Frederiksberg: Unitasforlag. Redaktør. Download forord.

2008   "Migration and Conversion - The Conversion of Immigrants in a Danish Context". In Thormod Engelsviken et. al. (eds.), Mission to the World. Communicating the Gospel in the 21st Century. Essays in Honour of Knud Jørgensen. Oxford: Regnum, pp. 67-84. Download.

2010 Tro i mødet. Frederiksberg: Unitas Forlag. Vejlederbog til Kristus-vejen.

2010  Kristus-vejen. Frederiksberg: Unitas Forlag. Studiemateriale til dåbsforberedelse af muslimer.

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2016  "Denmark - the Christian-Muslim Dialogue Forum - working for the common good and building long-term trus" I Andrew Wingate & Pernilla Myrelid, Why Interfaith? Sories, Reflections and Challanges from Recent Engagements in Northern Europe. London: Darton-Longmann-Todd.  




Islam and Christianity - blog
"This blog is written by a Christian, Abu Daoud, living in the Middle East. My desire is to discuss Islam and Christianity in ways that will be helpful for people of the other religion." Visit.

Jesus in the Qur'an
A ministry among Muslims established by pastor Buddy Hoffman, Atlanta. Visit.

Joint Christian Ministry in West Africa
Ministry among Muslim Fulbe (Fulanis) in West Africa. Visit.

Living Stone Library
The Website of Greg Livingstone, who is associated with Arab World Ministries. Visit.

Message for Muslims



Fulani Mission


The Fulanis are the largest nomadic people in Africa which you encounter on the savanna in about 20 countries from Senegal in the Wet over Nigeria to the Sudan in the East. Traditionally they have been cattle people and therefore nomads. The first Fulanis converted to Islam a thousand years ago and today the Fulani people is considered to be a Muslim people. Recently a number of churches and mission agencies have initiated ministries among Fulanis in order to assist them in the difficult adaptation to the modern society and share the gospel with them. Today a few thousand out of the about 20 million Fulanis are Christians. On this site we will inform about the religion and culture of the Fulani people and about the Christian ministry among this people.

Litterature on Fulanis and Fulani Mission
This page contains articles on Fulanis and mission among Fulanis, mainly articles written by Mogens S. Mogensen and others. Click here.

Links on Fulanis and Fulani Mission
This page presents a number of relevant links concerning Fulanis and Fulani mission. Click here.

Videos on Fulanis
Click here.

Mission som gæstfrihed

Siden er under opbygning


Brandner, Tobias, "Hosts and guests: Hospitality as an emerging paradigm in mission". International Review of Mission, Vol. 102(1)pp. 94-102, 2013. Download.

Park, Joon-Sik, "Evangelism and the Practice of Hospitality".   Download.

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World Council of Churches, Together towards life: mission and evangelism in changing landscapes. Proposal for a new WCC Affirmation on Mission and Evangelism. Submitted by the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME) (September 2012). Download.





Artikler, blogindlæg og skitser af Mogens S. Mogensen

"Mission as Hospitality - and Guesting?" Download.

"A Missiology of Guesting" Download.

2014   A Guesting and Listening Approach to Being Church in a Danish Post-Christendom Context. Toward a “Practical Missiology for a Post-Christendom Context”. 
Paper prsented at European Region’s Meeting, LWF in Rome on “Listening, Serving, Empowering 
– Being Church in a Transforming Europe”, October 27-29. Download.



Økonomi og ulighed - kirke og mission



George Monblot, "De rige bilder dig ind, at de er til stor nytte". Information, 4/8/2014.
"Jo rigere eliten bliver, des mere gør den for at få tag om den offentlige samtale og det politiske system. De rigeste hader Thomas Piketty, fordi den franske økonom har afmonteret argumenterne, som de retfærdiggør den øgede ulighed med."

Migration og Mission


Siden er under opbygning.


Online litteratur


Asamoah-Gyadu, Kwabena, ”African-led Christianity in Europe: Migration and Diaspora Evangelism” (2008)

Carroll, M. Daniel, ”Biblical Perspectives on Migration and Mission: Contributions from the Old Testament”. Mission Studies 30 (2013) 9–26.

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Im, Chandler H. & Amos Yong (eds.), Global Diasporas and Mission. Regnum Edinburg Centenary Series, Vol. 23. Oxford, UK: Regnum. 2014
Part 1 of the book contains historical and biblical perspectives, part two ethnic and regional developments and part three missional implications. Among the authors are Andrew Walls, Knut Holter, and Enoch Wan. This is the most up-to-date and comprehensive book on the subject.

Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation, The New People Next Door. Lausanne Occasional Paper Nr. 55. 2004

Prill, Torsen, "Migration, Mission and the Multi-ethinic Church". Evangelical Reviewo of Theology (2009) 33:4, 332-346.


Offline litteratur

Bevans, Stephen, "Mission among Migrants, Mission of Migrants: and Mission of the Church. In Daniel Groody and Gioachhino Campese (eds) Promised Land, A Perilous Journey: Theological Perspectives on Migration, 90-94. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2008.

Jenkins, Philip, The Next Christendom. The Coming of Global Christianity. New York: Oxford University Press. 2011.

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Pocock, Michael & Enoch Wan (eds.), Diaspora Missiology. Reflections on reaching the scattered peoples of the world. Pasadena: William Carey 2015
The book contains papers presented at conferences organized by the Evangelical Missiological Society on diaspora missiology in the US in 2014.

Wan, Eboch (ed), Diaspora Missiology: Theory, Methodology, and Practice. Portland, OR: Insititute of Diaspora Studies. 2011/2014
Apparently the American evangelical standard work on diaspora missiology.



Institute of Diaspora Studies
The Institute of Diaspora Studies (“IDS-USA”) at Western Seminary is a joint effort of researchers of diaspora missiology, trainers and practitioners seeking to practice diaspora missions in the 21st century. Download.



Artikler af Mogens S. Mogensen

"Migration, mission og meget mere". Blogindlæg 8/4/11. Download.

"Migration og mission". Blogindlæg 19/12/15. Download.





Artikler i Kristeligt Dagblad og på Kristeligt Dagblads websider


Mette Bock, "Bevar det nådige skøn: Kontrolkulturen bør ikke brede sig". 19. december

Tobias Stern Johansen, Kritik af biskop og præst for smøleri i dåbssag. 18. december

Tobias Stern Johansen, Indvandrerpræst: Eksmuslimer har ikke råd til valgmenighed. 18. december

Mogens S. Mogensen, Problematisk: Migrantmenighed beder dåbskandidater om at adlyde præsten. 17. december.

Birthe Rønn Hornbech, Birthe Rønn, Massoud må vælge - der er kun en dåb, men mange trossamfund. 17. december

Carsten Mulnæs, Hvorfor håber Tidehverv religionsdialog, mens de roser omvendelse? 16. december.

Paul Jørgensen, Dåben er ikke en forhandling. 16. december 2013.

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Tine Lindhardt, "Tine Lindhardt: Man døbes ind i en menighed". 13. december 2013

Kristine Gaarde, "Folkekirkepræsters dåbspligt og dåbsforbud". 13. december 2013

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Claus Vincents, Krav om valgmenighed nu er ikke rimeligt. 12. december 2013

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Peter Grarup, Teolog: Folkekirkemedlemskabet oprettes ved dåben - ikke bagefter. 12. december 2013

Søren Krarup, Kirkemedlemsskab må komme i anden række. 11. December 2013

Torben Bramming, Biskopperne og muslimerne: En absurd retstilstand!. 11. december 2013 

Peter Grønlykke, Sognepræst: Dåben er en bekendelse til Kristus, ikke til folkekirken. 11. december 2013

Nana Hauge, Valgmenighedspræst: Der er ingen betingelser for dåb. 11. december 2013

Niels J. Kobbersmed, "Dåben er ikke en frit svævende ceremoni". 10. december 2013

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Tobias Stern Johansen & Mette Skov Hansen, Biskop sætter populær indvandrerpræst på plads. 5. december 2013

Mette Skov Hansen, Embede til migrantpræst har aldrig haft klare rammer. 5. december 2013


Indslag i andre medier

Peder Nedergaard, "En ny reformation, tak!". Berlingske Tidende, den 18. december.

Danmarks Radio P1, Ordet er dit. Skal kirken prøve at omvende muslimerne i Danmark? 16. december 2013

Katrine Winkel Holm, ”Mission uden biskoppens velsignelse”. Jyllands-Posten 7. December 2013




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Iversen, Hans Raun (red.), Rites of Ordination and Commitment in the Churches of the Nordic Countries - Theology and Terminology (Museum Tusculanum 2006)
Read more.






Mills, Kathleen Susan,  Attachment theory and romantic relationships: An inquiry into the life stories of missionary couples (PhD 2009)
Læs mere.

Sills, David, The Missionary Call: Find Your Place in God's Plan For the World (2008)
Read more about the book Download.
See a very extensive biblkography from the book Download.

Swanson, Jeffrey, Echoes of the Call: Identity and Ideology among American Missionaries in Ecuador (Oxford University Press, 1995)
Læs mere.


International temadag-

Flere og flere rejser ud som ulandsfrivillige. Det er ikke længere kun kirkelige- og humanitære organisationer, der sender volontører ud, flere rejser også ud på egen hånd og mange rejseselskaber har kastet sig over det danske ”volontørmarked”. Men virker det overhovedet, eller er det bare ren fattigdomsturisme? Hvordan sikrer vi kvaliteten i volontørarbejdet både for dem, der rejser ud, og dem der tager imod? Er danske volontører svaret på de fattiges bønner? ... Dansk Missionsråd har nedsat en arbejdsgruppe, som arbejder med etablering af guidelines for volontørarbejdet. Dette arrangement skal ses som første skridt i denne proces og er for dig der er engageret i en kirke, uddannelsesinstitution, forening, rejseselskab eller organisation, eller dig som generelt er optaget af volontørarbejdet. Kom og vær med!". Læs mere.


"Tentmaking, in general, refers to the activities of any Christian who, while dedicating him or herself to the ministry of the Gospel, receives little or no pay for Church work, but performs other ("tentmaking") jobs to provide support. Specifically, tentmaking can also refer to a method of international Christian evangelism in which missionaries support themselves by working full time in the marketplace with their skills and education, instead of receiving financial support from a Church. The term comes from the fact that the apostle Paul supported himself by making tents while living and preaching in Corinth (Acts 18:3)" (Wikipedia)




Tentmaking: The Life and Work of Business as Missions. Colorado Springs:IVP Books 2006

Lewis, Jonathan, ed.,
1996   Working Your Way to the Nations. An Effective Guide to Tentmaking . Colorad Springs: IVP A course materiale on tentmaking. Download

Ndelwa, Oswald Lwijiso
“Tent-making” as a proposal for mission and ministry in the evangelical Lutheran church in Tanzania – Iringa Diocese (ELCT-IRD), with practical examples from   “Muslim  Tentmakers” in Tanzania”. Master of Theology thesis, School of Theology, University of Natal, Pietermarizburg, 2002.

NYAC, Alliance Theological Seminary,
2006 Tentmaking in Mission. Magazine on tentmaking.Download.





"Support til trængte kirker i lande med få kristne ved danskere i sekulære jobs eller på studieophold. Mere end 60 procent af verdens befolkning bliver i dag ikke nået med traditionel mission. Jobmission møder ingen lukkede grænser, men kan arbejde hvor der er jobs at få. Jobmission er fysisk tilstede i lande med trængte kirker og få lokale kristne." Download.

Tentmaking as Business

Short-term Mission




Christianity Today, "Short Term Missions"
"A longtime staple of church youth groups, short-term missions took off in the 1950s, when Youth With a Mission (Loren Cunningham) and Operation Mobilization (George Verwer) began sending young Christians around the world to build houses, minister to the needy, and share the gospel in unchurched communities. Trips lasting a few days to a few weeks give lay Christians a taste of the life of a missionary, without needing as much financial support or the blessing of a sending denomination. More recently, missiologists, pastors, and career missionaries have criticized STMs for blinding churches to the needs in their local community, their financial burden, and their reported ineffectiveness at creating lasting change abroad. Others defend STMs for encouraging young Christians’ faith and putting them in touch with fellow believers worldwide." Download.

Corbett, Steve & Brian Fikkert, When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor . . . and Yourself (2012)
"When Helping Hurts provides foundational concepts, clearly articulated general principles and relevant applications. The result is an effective and holistic ministry to the poor, not a truncated gospel."e;Initial thoughts"e; at the beginning of chapters and "e;reflection questions and excercises"e; at the end of chapters assist greatly in learning and applying the material. A situation is assessed for whether relief, rehabilitation, or development is the best response to a situation. Efforts are characterized by an "e;asset based"e; approach rather than a "e;needs based"e; approach. Short term mission efforts are addressed and economic development strategies appropriate for North American and international contexts are presented, including microenterprise development". Read more. Summary of the book. Download.

Deep Justice Journeys
"50 Activities to Move from Mission Trips to Missional Living. Make your youth ministry mission trips and service projects more than just drive-by-feel-good outings. Instead, allow them to be opportunities for students and adults together to go deep into God's heart for justice as people and communities are transformed." This is a  curriculum designed with options  to be used with your team in preparation for the BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER portions of your missions and service opportunities. Read more.

Global Connections, Short-term Mission Code of Best Practice
The Global Connections Code of Best Practice aims to encourage the improvement of standards in Short-Term Mission practice from and beyond the UK.The Global Connections network initially developed the code in 1999/2000. It was then updated in 2005 to make it more applicable to churches and UK based organisations." Download

Howell, Brian M., "Mission to Nowhere: Putting Short-term Mission into Context". International Bulletin of Missionary Reserarch, Oct. 2009

Howell, Brian M. , An Ethnography of Christian Travel Narrative and Experience (IVP, 2012)
"Anthropologist Brian Howell explores the narrative shape of short-term mission (STM). Drawing on the anthropology of tourism and pilgrimage, he shows how STM combines these elements with Christian purposes of mission to create its own distinct narrative. He provides a careful historical survey of the development of STM and then offers an in-depth ethnographic study of a particular mission trip to the Dominican Republic. He explores how participants remember and interpret their experiences, and he unpacks the implications for how North American churches understand mission, grapple with poverty and relate to the larger global church." Read more.

Livermore, David A., Serving with Eyes Wide Open. Doing Short-term Missions with Cultural Intelligence (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2006)
Read more.

Missiology, An International Review,  Anthropology and Sociology of Short Term Mission, No 41, 2013
"Like the anthropology of tourism, research on short-term missions has had to overcome a bias against what is often assumed to be a trivial phenomenon. As scholars in a variety of fields have encountered this growing, global phenomenon, they have begun to develop a vibrant and multifaceted research-based literature exploring its cultural, historic, economic, and political aspects. This introduction to a special issue of Missiology on short-term missions presents a brief overview of the development of this emerging literature, as well as synopses of the six articles advancing our understanding of short-term missions." Download.

Papi, Daniela, "Viewpoint: Is 'gap yah' volunteering a bad thing?" (BBC Newsmagazine, April 30, 2013)
"Volunteering abroad to build schools or dig wells might make people feel good about themselves - but it can be detrimental to those who are supposed to be helped." Download.

Papi, Daniela, "The Problem with Volunteering" (BBC 4, May 1, 2013)
"Daniela Papi explores the dark side of volunteering overseas, and asks how local people and wealthy 'voluntourists' alike can ensure a positive experience." BBC broadcast. Download.

Priest  et. al, "Research on the Short-term Mission Movement" (Missiology 34, 2006, pp. 431-450)

Ramachandra, Vinoth, "Who says "No" to "Mission Trips"?"


Codes of Conduct

Missions Interlink, Short-tem Mission. Code of Best Practice (Aurstralia, 2009)

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, The Code of Best Practice for Short-term Mission



Short Term Missions.com
"ShortTermMissions.com is coordinated, produced, and maintained by Mission Data International (M-DAT) and its volunteers. M-DAT is a ... non-profit ministry that provides web services to help people make it to the mission field. ... The goals of this website are: 1. To become a central place for people to learn about, interact on, and discover short-term mission trips. 2. To provide an effective way for mission organizations to get the word out about their mission opportunities."

I Brønnums fodspor - Studierejse til Nigeria 2013: StudiematerialerStudierejse Nigeria-2013


Facts om Nigeria

BBC's Nigeria Profile

The World Fact Book (CIA), Nigeria

Wikipedia, Nigeria


Nigerias historie

" A History of Nigeria"
Youtube præsentation på 14 min.

History of Nigeria
Op til 2000.


Lutheran Church of Christ

Wikipedia, The Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria

Dictionary of African Christian Biography, Akila Todi

Mogens Jensen, En kirke blev til - et historisk rids. Om Sudanmissionens første 60 år i Nigeria.

Mission Afrika, "Kristi Lutherske Kirke i Nigeria"

History, vision and values of LCCN


Mission Afrikas samarbejde med LCCN

Mission Afrika, Visionsdokument 2021

Statement from Abuja 2010

Strategies and policies 2012

Vision statement 2012


Missionsteologi og missionspraksis

Kenneth R. Ross, ”From Edinburgh 1910 to Edinburgh 2010”. I Mogens S. Mogensen (red.). Edinburgh 190 – 100 år efter. Fra autoritet til autencitet i mission? Ny Mission nr. 17 (2009).
Artiklen gennemgår udviklingen i missionsteologi fra den første internationale missionskonference i Edinburgh 1910 (omkring et tidspunkt, Sudanmissionen blev dannet) og frem til 100-års jubilæumskonferencen i 2013. Download.

Uffe Torm, "Brød og bibler - om mission og udvikling". I Mogens S. Mogensen (red.), Diakoni og udvikling i kirke og mission. Ny Mission nr. 12.
Artiklen opridser indledningsvist de historiske perspektiver i dansk missionog dansk udviklingsbistand. Derefter diskuteres den holistiske kirkelige forståelse af diakoni og udvikling, herunder partnerskabsbegrebets betydning i mis-sion og udvikling. Artiklen afsluttes med en problematisering af de dilemmaer,som danske missionsselskaber og kirker står overfor i den del af deres udviklingsarbejde, hvortil de modtager støtte fra Danida bl.a. gennem Dansk MissionsrådsUdviklingsafdelinf. Download.

David Zac Niringiye, "Partnerskab i mission - set fra syd". I Mogens S. Mogensen, "The Next Christendom" - Udfordringer fra Syd. Ny Misison nr. 13.
Den anglikanske biskop Dr. David Zac Niringiye fra Kampala, Uganda, udtaler sig med skarphed om både den fremvoksende kristenhed i syd og gamle missionsbevægelser fra nord. En ny forståelse og eksistensform må vok-se frem i global mission, hvor vi kommer ud over traditionel stammetænkning og indgår i multilaterale partnerskaber, hvor alle giver, og alle modtager. Download.

Mogens S. Mogensen, "Kirkerne i mission og udvikling: Kan religion være fremmende for udvikling" (2008)
I Lene Sjørup, red., Udviklingsteologi. Den tredje Verden og teologi i dag. Odense: Syddansk
Universitetsforlag. Download.

Lutheran World Federation, Mission in Context. (2004)
Læs her Det Lutherske Verdensforbunds nye missionsdokument. Dokumentet, der har titlen "Mission in Context. Transformation. Reconciliation. Empowerment. An LWF Contribution to  the Understanding and Practice of Mission", blev endelig færdiggjort i 2004. Download.

World Council of Churches, "Together towards life: Mission and evangelism in changing landscapes (2012)
Proposal for a new WCC Affirmation on Mission and Evangelism. Submitted by the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME). Download.


Islam og kristen-muslimske relationer i Nigeria

Mogens S. Mogensen "Islams ansigter i Afrika" (2008)
Islam er en religion som også i Afrika har mange ansigter. Der er ikke altid skarpe grænser mellem disse forskellige former for islam, og den enkelte muslim kan være præget af flere strømninger samtidig. Fx. kulturislam, traditionel islam, konservativ islam, moderne islam, sufi-islam, folkeislam, militant islam. Islam har mange ansigter i Afrika, og derfor er der også brug for mange forskellige tilgange til mission blandt muslimer. Afgørende for evangeliets udbredelse er det imidlertid hvordan muslimerne oplever kristendommens ansigter i Afrika. Download.

Mogens S. Mogensen, "Mission Afrika og mødet med muslimerne". I Gå med lyset. Jubilæumsbog. Dansk Forenet Sudan Mission / Mission Afrika 1911-2011. Højbjerg: Mission Afrika, 2011, s. 188-199.


Artikler om Boko Haram
Boko Haram er en militant islamistisk gruppe i Nigeria, hvis mål det er at indføre shari'a i hele landet. Gruppens officielle arabiske navn er Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal-Jihad, som betyder Fælleskabet af dem som vil fremme profetens lære og jihad. Boka Haram er Hausa og betyder direkte oversat "Vestlig uddannelse forbudt". Gruppen er grundlagt i 2002 og dens leder var Mohammed Yusuf indtil 2009, da han i forbindelse med Boko Haram optøjer blev dræbt. Gruppen blev internationalt kendt i august 2011, da den angreb FNs bygning i Abuja. Download.



LCCN website

Diakonal kristendom, kirke og mission


Denne side er under opbygning.




Artikler og bøger af Mogens S. Mogensen

Mund og mæle til marginaliserede. Ny Mission nr. 18 (Frederiksberg: Dansk Missinsråd. 2010, redigeret af Mogens S. Mogensen)
Den brasilianske katolske biskop Helder Camara er kaendt for at have sagt, at "When I feed the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food they call me a communist." Nødhjælp og diakoni for fattige og nødstede mdøer ofte bredopbakning, men når der stilles spørgsmål til, hvorfor de marginaliserede grupper lider, og når kirke og mission begybder at tale deres sag og hjælper dem til at tale deres egen sag, risikerer 'fortalerne' at blive beskyldt for at politisere. I dette nummer af Ny Mission sættes der med udgangspunkti Dansk Missionsråds Udviklingsafdelings nye advocacy-politik fokus på fortalerviksomhed, dens bibelske og teolgiske begrundelse og dens mange forskellige udformninger rundt om i verden og i Danmark. Download.

Religion og udviking. Ny Mission nr. 22. (Frederiksberg: Dansk Missionsråd, 2012. Redigeret af Mogens S. Mogensen)
"Religion har alt for længe været elefanten i rummet, som alle kun se, høre, lugte og støde sig på - men som ingen talte om. Det var først, da Verdensbanken i 1990'erne tog spørgsmålet om religions rolle for udviklingsarbejdet seriøst op, at der for alvor kom gang i debatten om religion og udvikling," skriver Dansk Missionsråds Udviklingsafdelings netop afgåede leder Uffe Torm i bogens hovedartikel. En lang række danske og internationale forskere og praktikere belyser de problemstillinger, som koblingen mellem religion og udvikling rejser, og giver eksempler på, hvordan samspillet i praksis foregår. Download.

Insider Movements and InreligionizationInsider movements

"Insider movement is a term used in the field of missiology to describe a group or network of people from a non-Christian religion who have embraced the life and teaching of Jesus Christ as described in the Bible, while remaining relationally, culturally and socially a part of the religious community of their birth" (Wikipedia). Insider movements represents a mission approach informed by contextualisation/inculturaltion and what I would call inreligionisation (also called inreligionization/inreligionation). Inculturation means that the gospel interacts with a local culture, being expressed in a way that includes local cultural forms and transforming the culture. Inreligionasation means that the gospel interacts with a religion, being expressed in a way that inclueds local religious forms and transforming the religion. One of the most famous representatives of insider movements is the Syrian author Mazhar Mallouhi, known from the book Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road: Exploring a New Path between Two Faiths by Paul-Gordon Chandler.


Insider Movements - in General

Antonides, Harry. “The Insider Movement: Tinkering With the Christian Mission to the Muslim World” (Christian Renewal, November 11, 2009, pg. 34-36.)

Chandler, Paul-Gordon, Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road: Exploring a New Path between Two Faiths (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers Inc., 2008).

Chandler, Paul-Gordon, “Mazhar Mallouhi: Gandhi‟s Living Christian Legacy in the Muslim World,”( International Bulletin of Missionary Research 27/2 (2003): 54-59).
Download. A very appreciative review of the book by Leith Gray: Download. A very critical review of the book June Engdal. Download.

Coleman, Doug, A Theological Analysis of the Insider Movement Paradigm from Four Perspectives: Theology of Religions, Revelation, Soteriology and Ecclesiology (Pasadena, CA: WCIU Press, 2011).
"Combining elements of the missiological concepts of people movements and high-level contextualization, the Insider Movement paradigm (IMP) proposes that biblical faith in Jesus can potentially be lived out within any religious culture. Therefore faith in Jesus does not require severing ties with one’s pre-faith religious community. This claim represents a new paradigm for ministry among peoples living in predominantly non-Christian religious cultures. To support this claim, IMP proponents appeal to a number of arguments, some of them sociological but others biblical and theological. Many of these claims intersect with four areas of theology: theology of religions, the doctrine of revelation, soteriology, and ecclesiology. This dissertation evaluates the IMP from these four perspectives". Read Abstract. Read parts of the book online here.

Garrison, David, “Church Planting Movements vs. Insider Movements: Missiological Realities vs. Mythological Speculations” (International Journal of Frontier Missions, Vol 21, 2004).

Greenlee, David. “New Faith, Renewed Identity: How Some Muslims are Becoming Followers of Jesus.”

Higgins, Kevin, "Discipling the Nations and the Insider Movement Conversation" (Mission Frontiers, Jan-Feb, 2011)

Higgins, Kevin. “The Key to Insider Movements: The “Devoted's” of Acts.”

International Journal of Frontier Missions. Insider Movements - The Conversation Continues (24-2, 2007)

International Journal of Frontier Missions, The Jerusalem Council: Descriptive or Prediction? (24-1, 2007)
On insider movements. Download.

Lewis, Rebecca, "Insider Movements: Honoring God-Given Identity and Community" (International Journal of Frontier Missiology 26:1,2009)
Defines "insider movements" in relation to "people movements" and "church planting movements" as "movements to obedient faith in Christ that remain integrated with or inside their natural community. In any insider movement there are two distinct elements:1. The gospel takes root within pre-existing communities or social networks, which become the main expression of “church” in that context. Believers are not gathered from diverse social networks to create a “church.” New paral- lel social structures are not invented or introduced.2. Believers retaint heiridentity as members of their socio-religious community while living under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of the Bible." Download.

Lewis, Rebecca, "The Integrity of the Gospel and Insider Movements" (International Journal of Frontier Mission 27(1) 2010)

Madany, Bassam Michael Madany, "St. Paul's Theology of Missions in Contrast with the Insider Movement" (St Francis Magazine Vol 8, No 3 | June 2012)
Madany criticizes the insider movement. "The Insider Movement that substitutes God-breathed words of the Bible with “inoffensive” terms to Muslims fails to listen to the teachings of the Bible regarding the conversion of unbelievers to Christ. The offence, or obstacle, is not in Biblical vocabulary, but in the hearts of unbelievers. To overcome this obstacle, God has or- dained the proclamation of the Gospel as the way of salvation." Download.

Mallouhi, Mazhar, "Comments on the Insider Movement" (St. Francis Magazine  Vol 5:5, Oct 2009, pp 3-14)

Mission Frontiers (17-1, 2000)
This issue focuses on Muslim Contextualisation and Insider Movements among Muslims. Download

Morton, Jeff & Bassam Madany, Insider Movements: Biblically Incredible or Incredibly Brilliant? 

Nikides, Bill, "The Emergence of Insider Movements" (St Francis Magazine Vol 7, No 3, August 2011)
Nikides sees "the emergent church"-movement and "the Insider Movement" as two related movements that have been nourished from the same spring. Download.

Parson, Greg, "Insider Movements: A New Phrase for an Old Idea" (Lausanne World Pulse, July 2006)

Parson, Greg, "Letting the Gospel Thrive on the Inside: A Note on Insider Movements" (Lausanne World Pulse, Dec 2007)

Ridgway, John, "Insider Movements in the Gospels and Acts" (International Journal of Frontier Missions, 24:2 (Summer 2007):77-86)

Travis, John & Anna, "Contextualization among Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists: A Focus on Insider Movements" (Mission Frontiers Sept-Oct. 2005)
Travis notes that "in spite of concerns that some may have on this issue, the fact remains that in a number of countries today, there are groups of Muslims who have genuinely come to faith in Jesus Christ, yet have remained legally and socio-religiously within the local Muslim community....". Download.

Scott Woods, “A Biblical Look at C5 Muslim Evangelism” Evangelical Missions Quarterly (April 2003)

Wood, Rick, "Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist Followers of Jesus: How Should We Respond?" (Mission Frontiers, May-June 2011)



Insider Movements among Jews

Members of insider movements among Jews are generally knows as Messianic Jews or Jews for Jesus.

Gefen, Gavriel, Jesus Movements. Discovering Biblical Faith in the Most Unexpected Places (Frontiers Mission May 2011)

Goble, Philip E., Everything You Need to Grow a Messianic Synagogue (South Pasadena: CA: William Carey, 1974)

Harris-Shapiro, Carol,  Messianic Judaism (Boston: Beacon Press, 2000).

Massey, Joshua, “Living Like Jesus, a Torah-Observant Jew: Delighting in God’s Law for Incarnational Witness to Muslims” (International Journal of Frontier Missions, Spring- Summer 2004).


Insider Movements among Muslims

Members in insider movements among Muslims are known by many names, incl. Isa Muslims.

, Abdul,
Rethinking the Insider Movement Debate: Global Historical Insights Toward an Appropriate Transitional Model of C5

Cumming, Joseph, "Muslim Followers of Jesus?".

Dutch, Bernard, "Should Muslims Become 'Christians'? (International Journal of Frontier Mission 17(1) 2000)

Gilliland, Dean S., "Context Is Critical in Islampur Case." (Evangelical Misions Quarterly 34(4):415-17).

Goble, Philip E. & Salim Munayer, New Creation Book for Muslims (Pasadena, CA: Mandate Press 1989).

Hansen, Collin, “The Son and the Crescent.” (Christianity Today, February 2011)

Higgins, Kevin, "Identity, Integrity and Insider Movements" (International Journal of Frontier Missions 23:3, 2006)
Higgins  "thesis is that one can maintain a dual identity and be a fully biblical disciple of Jesus." In explaining his thesis he does two things. "First, I will describe how being a member of the church does not require a denial of one’s other identities, but is actually lived out within them. Then I will also seek to describe several ways in which one’s identity as a Muslim may be maintained with integrity as a follower of Jesus, and provide a brief rationale." Download.

Higgins, Kevin, "Speaking the Truth about Insider Movements" (St. Prancis Magazine 5(6), 2009)

Jørgensen, Jonas A., Jesus Imanders And Christ Bhaktas. A Qualitative And Theological Study Of Syncretism And Identity In Global Christianity (København:2007, s. 42-50).

Jørgensen, Jonas A., "Vidnesbyrd i kontekst - evangelisering blandt muslimer i Bangladesh og hinduer i Indien" (I Mogens S. Mogensen, Evangelisering - missionens fokus. Ny Mission nr. 15. Frederiksberg: Unitas Forlag, 2008)

Kraft, Charles, "Dynamic Equivalence Churches in Muslim Society". In Don M McCurry, ed., The Gospel and Islam: A 1978 Compendium, pp. 114-128. Monrovia, CA: MARC)

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Parshall, Phil, New Paths In Muslim Evangelism: Evangelical Approaches To Contextualization (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 1984).

Parshall, Phil, "Danger! New Directions in Contextualization" (Evangelical Missions Quarterly. 43(4): 404-406, 1998)

Travis, John, "The C1 to C6 Spectrum" (Evangelical Missions Quarterly 34(4):407-408, 1998)

Travis, John, "Must all Muslims Leavee Islam to Follow Jesus?" (Evangelical Missions Quarterly 34(4):411-415, 1998)

Travis, John, "Messianic Muslim Followers of Isa: A Closer Look at C5 Believers and Congregations" (International Journal of Frontier Mission 17 (1):53-59, 2000)

Travis, John, "Appropriate Approaches in Muslim Contexts." In Appropriate Christianity, Charles Kraft (ed.), Pasadena: William Carey Library, 2005, pp. 397-414

Travis, John & J. Dudley Woodberry, "When God's Kingdom Grows Like Yeast: Frequently-Asked-Questions about Jesus Movements within Muslim Communities" (Mission Frontiers, July-August 2010

Messianic Muslim Followers of Isa
John Travis

 Four Responses to Timothy C. Tennent's "Followers of Jesus (Isa) in Islamic Mosques"
John Travis, Phil Parshall, Herbert Hoefer, Rebecca Lewis

A Humble Appeal to C5/Insider Movement Muslim Ministry Advocates to Consider Ten Questions, with Responses from Brother Yusuf, Rick Brown, Kevin Higgins, Rebecca Lewis, and John Travis. International Journal of Frontier Missions 24:1 (Spring 2007), pp. 5–20,

Website; http://www.thepeopleofthebook.org/

"Bridging the Divide Consultations":
The purpose of the consultations was to bring together mission leaders to address the controversy pertaining to the Insider Movement.

  • Houghton College hosted the first Bridging the Divide Consultation 20-23 Jun 2011. Read an Assessment of the consultation.
  • Houghton College hosted the second Bridging the Divide Consultation June 17-19, 2012 to bring together mission leaders to address the controversy pertaining to the Insider Movement and translation issues surrounding the ‘Son of God’ and ‘Father’ controversy. Read the official Consultation Report. Read Georges Houssney's report.



Insider Movement among Hindus

Members of insider movemens among Hindus are called Christ Bhaktas or Hindu Yeshu

Duerksen, Darren, "Ecclesial Identities of Socioreligious "Insiders": A Case Study of Fellowships among Hindu and Sikh Communities (International Bulletin of Missionary Research, vol 37 (2), April 2013)
The article is based on a field study of several groups of Christ-followers in NOrth India who are seeking to renegotiate there relationship  with the wider Hindu and Sikh communities. In order to download, first register here. If registered download here.

Hoefer, Herbert, E., Churchless Christianity. Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library 2001.

Hoefer, Herbert E., "Follow-Up Refelctions On Churchless Christianity" (Mission Frontiers, March-April (1999): P. 36-39).

Hoefer, Herbert E., "Christ-Followers in India Flourishing— But Outside the Church. A review of Churchless Christianity" (Mission Frontiers Dec. 2001)

Jørgensen, Jonas A., Jesus Imanders And Christ Bhaktas. A Qualitative And Theological Study Of Syncretism And Identity In Global Christianity (København:2007).

Jørgensen, Jonas A., "Vidnesbyrd i kontekst - evangelisering blandt muslimer i Bangladesh og hinduer i Indien" (I Mogens S. Mogensen, Evangelisering - missionens fokus. Ny Mission nr. 15. Frederiksberg: Unitas Forlag, 2008, s. 42-50.)

Petersen, Brian K., "The Possibility of a "Hindu Christ Follower": Hans Staffner's Proposal for the Dual Identity of Disciples of Christ within High Caste Hindu Communities" (International Journal of Frontier Missions 24-2, 2007)

Insider Movements among Sikhs

Duerksen, Darren, "Ecclesial Identities of Socioreligious "Insiders": A Case Study of Fellowships among Hindu and Sikh Communities (International Bulletin of Missionary Research, vol 37 (2), April 2013)
The article is based on a field study of several groups of Christ-followers in NOrth India who are seeking to renegotiate there relationship  with the wider Hindu and Sikh communities. In order to download, first register here. If registered download here.


Inreligionization - Theology

Pieris, Aloysius, An Asian Theology of Liberation (Maryknoll: Orbis, 1988)

Diego, Sarrio, "An Islamic Christianity? Inreligionation and Christian-Muslim Relations." Conference Paper, Engaging Particularities IX: Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, March 27, 2011).

Kamath Ravi Santosh SI, "Inculturation or Inreligionization?" (The Ecumenical Review 1987/2. 177–179).

Torres Queiruga, Andrés, "Rethinking Pluralism: From Inculturation to 'Inreligionation'" (Concilium 2007, 1, pp. 102-11)

Soares, Afonso M. L. Syncretism and Interconfessional Theology Some preliminary notes (In José María Vigil, (red.) Toward a Planetary Theology. Along the Many Paths of God. Montreal 2010, Pp. 154-160).


Articles by Mogens S. Mogensen

"Mazhar Mallouhi - en muslimsk efterfølger af Kristus" (2012). Download.

Partnership in Mission / Partnerskab i mission


Encounters Mission Journal Nr. 24 ,Partnership Issues in Asian Mission (2008)
This edition of Encounters re-presents the papers read and discussed at a conference held at Redcliffe College in April of this year (2008). The title of the conference was Growing Asian Mission Movements: Issues and Models for Partnership.Download.

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